Dolu Lake Silchar-A must explored natural attraction

North-East India is known for its natural attractions. Nature lovers all over the world visit North-East to explore the beauty and get lost in the beauty of mother nature. Silchar is a small city situated in Cachar District of the Assam State in north Eastern region of India. Silchar doesn’t consist of much attractions but there are also some attractions present in the city about which we should know, especially nature lovers and Dolu Lake at Silchar is one of them.

Silchar is not a famous tourists place and so not always visited by tourists. But whenever people from outside visit the city then they surely visit the places .Dolu Lake is about 30 kms far from the main town  of Silchar & it is an amazing attraction. The lake is known for its natural beauties. Tourists when visit the city never leaves without visiting Dolu Lake. Not just tourists even locals residents visit the lake during holidays or whenever they get time.



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When you visit the lake your mind will be filled with joy as the beauty situated in the lake will sooth your mind with joy and fill with happiness. It a perfect destination to spend time with your friends and family and you make sure that you carry camera along with you so that you can capture the serene surroundings forever and surely your trip will remain memorable.

When you visit Dolu Lake then surely you will feel you have gone far from the daily chaotic and mechanical city life. The environment is so peaceful in the lake that it will surely sooth your mind and you will get rid all of your stress and worries. Today life has become very stressful so when we visit such attractions then it helps us to drive away all sort of stress and worries of life filling life with happiness.

Also if you are a bit disturbed with your daily life and wants to spend some time alone in isolation then surely you can visit the lake and enjoy some moment alone there.

Dolu Lake can be visited in all season. The lake is also a romantic destination for couples.If couples wants to spend some time alone with each other  then they can  surely visit the Dolu Lake and spend time with one another in the middle of the beauty of nature.

The attraction is so peaceful and amazing that whenever you visit then you will not wish to return back soon and after you return you will always be attracted back to d lake and it will become a memorable trip of your life.

To know in details about Dolu Lake Silchar click at the link given below

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