Bhuvan Pahar!!The famous Shiv temple near silchar!!

There are uncountable Shiv temples across India and in Shivratri these temples are filled with huge number of devotees where they celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm offering prayer to the God of Gods Mahadev as Shivratri means the celebration of birth anniversary of Lord Shiva who is termed as Mahadev in Hindu mythology. bhuvan paharsource : youtube

Many people are not aware of it that there is also a famous adventure spot situated 50 km far from Silchar(on the outskirt of Silchar) by the name Bhuvan Pahar where a big Shivlinga is situated on the edges of the mountains.

Each and every year on the day of Mahashivrari, Bhuvan Pahar is filled with a huge number of devotees which keeps increasing every year. Not just people across Silchar but people from other cities also plan a visit to this adventurous spot on this auspicious day.

Devotees of Bhagwan Shiv wait for the whole year for this day as Maha Shivratri is a big day of their lives and plan a visit  to BHUVAN PAHAR with their friends and family. Even people of elder age who are not in a god health state visit the adventurous spot in order to pray to Lord Shiva.

Bus and car services are also there for the devotees to reach BHUVAN PAHAR and there is a pond also situated which devotees consider holy and before worshipping Lord Shiva follow the rituals.

bhuvan pahar pond

source :flickr

The adventure starts from Sonai Motinagar (outskirt of Silchar) and takes atleast 5-6 hours to reach the temple. To climb the mountains people take sticks on their hand and enjoy the trekking chanting Om Namah shivaay, Har Har Mahadev.,Songs of Bhagwan Shiv or Shiv Bhajan devotees can listen 1km before reaching BHUVAN PAHAR

If we visit BHUVAN PAHAR once then it will be a lifelong experience and we will not forget it lifelong. When we will narrate the adventurous story to our loved ones then they also will love to visit the destination. . Regular travelers suggest starting climbing either in the early morning or late evening to avoid scorching heat on the way.

On our way, we will also find some stalls which are set up to feed the devotees when they feel hungry.Also many devotees carry snacks along with them.

Let’s look at the video and get an idea about the adventure.


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